All Time Low and Tegan & Sara discuss their huge new collaboration, pop-punk, Last Young Renegade and the future

Posted by Beck on June 2, 2017 at 5:40 PM

'This is one of those strange, perfect moments'

Today sees the release of All Time Low‘s seventh album ‘Last Young Renegade’ – featuring ‘Ground Control’, a huge collaboration with pop genius twins Tegan & Sara. We caught up with Tegan Quin and ATL frontman Alex Gaskarth to discuss how they came to work with each other, their mutual love and respect, the state of music, and what the future might hold.


How did you meet Tegan and Sara and at what point did it first make sense that you guys work together?

“I don’t think we’d ever formally met and hung out if I’m being honest. Maybe in passing here and there, at festivals or something… This is one of those strange, perfect moments when we as a band immediately thought of them as a great fit for the song, simply as fans, and they reciprocated and were down to be involved. We reached out to them pretty much out of the blue.”

What is it about Tegan & Sara’s sound and ethos that made you want to work with them?

“I’ve been a fan of Tegan & Sara for years, always loved their music and respected their activism. When it came time to find a feature for ‘Ground Control’, (which was written as a duet,) they just seemed like the perfect fit with the aesthetic of the record. I think it’s also a collaboration that the fans maybe didn’t see coming; it’s always fun to keep people on their toes with new music.”

What kind of spirit and energy do you think they brought to the track?

“It just sounds so right with them on the track. We had a good feeling about it going in, but when I heard the first mix with them singing, the song took on a new life and really found it’s stride.”


How did you meet All Time Low and at what point did it first make sense that you guys work together?

“If you can believe it, we have never met! We did everything remotely. So we went into a studio here in LA without them and recorded our parts alone. Which sometimes is nice. We’ve done that before. I get really nervous in the studio so sometimes it’s nice to be alone so you don’t feel as much pressure. Sara and I are big fans of All Time Low, so it was probably for the best that they weren’t there or we may have performed less confidently. LOL!

“When they sent the song to us we both loved it. It was instantly in my head and I liked the melodies a lot. We generally want to hear music before we agree to do collaborations like these. You never know. Even if you love a band the track might not vibe right. Or the song might not hit a nerve. For me I want to emotionally connect with any song I might perform on. So in this case we just wanted to hear the song. We loved it. So we were in!”

What is it about All Time Low’s sound and ethos that made you want to work with them?

“They seem very connected to their audience, which is always something I appreciate about bands. They are hard working and have put out records (not just songs). They feel sincere in their passion to create and connect. Which is basically how we describe our own band. So I feel a sense of connection with them as I think we are attempting the same thing with our art. They also don’t appear to take themselves too seriously which I also appreciate. I like the evolution of their sound from record to record. I believe they have made seven records (we have made eight) and if you go back listen to early tracks and compare the to what they are doing now the essence is there, but the sound has evolved. I think they’ve taken risks and challenged themselves to keep making original records and I really appreciate that about them.”

What kind of spirit and energy do you think you bring to the track?

“We always lead with “don’t fuck it up”. Then after that I’d say we wanted to match Alex’s vocal energy. It’s a huge sounding track but his vocal is both huge and intimate at different times in the song. So I think we mainly just tried to match the energy of each moment he was creating vocally.”

Who else would you love to collaborate with?

“We love experimenting outside our genre. So, we’d be up for some collaborations outside pop. I never say specific names for fear of it never working out. HA.”

‘Love You To Death’ was one of the best albums of 2016. Have you had any thoughts about what direction you’d like to head in on new material?

“We are starting to talk a bit about it. We want to take all of next year to write and travel and relax. I think we need to write a lot, live a lot to decide what comes next. The songs always dictate the direction of the record so we just have to see what comes out of us. The songs will lead the way.”

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